Popular web browser Opera has expanded its cryptocurrency wallet top-ups to the United Kingdom via a partnership with crypto on-ramp Ramp, which leverages new European Open Banking APIs to allow for low-fee crypto top-ups using a bank account or Revolut.

According to an announcement Opera published, the feature was already available in mainland Europe and in the United States. Opera started letting its users buy BTC and ETH in March of this year, and expanded the feature to Europe and a few other countries shortly after. It allows users to buy cryptoassets directly from the browser’s built-in wallet, without needing to go to a cryptocurrency exchange.

Opera’s built-in crypto wallet was launched in 2018 with initial support for ETH, but support for both BTC and TRX were added shortly after. Recently, the Norwegian firm launched a promotion to let users secure an Unstoppable .crypto domain with it.

The browser’s built-in crypto wallet includes access to its own decentralized application store, in which users can discover some of the most popular decentralized applications on the Ethereum network.

To further aid users in their discovery of decentralized applications, Opera has partnered with Dapp.com, a leading cross-chain platform dApp aggregator. In its press release, Opera revealed it is the “go-to browser and wallet app for all the blockchain-enthusiasts out there.” The browser revealed it has over 170,000 monthly active users of its built-in crypto wallet.

Opera reportedly has, however, a total number of 350 million monthly active users, which means only a fraction of the browser’s users actively use its built-in cryptocurrency wallet.

Featured image by Andrea Natali on Unsplash