Twitch, a major live-streaming platform with 15 million daily active users is offering subscribers a 10% discount if they pay using cryptocurrencies.

Twitch was introduced in 2011 and grew rapidly since launch. In 2014, it had 55 million users and was bought by Amazon for $970 million in cash. The platform is popular among gamers, but also features other types of entertainment.

The Amazon-owned live-streaming platform has outpaced rival streaming service YouTube Gaming, and now has over 27,000 partner channels and 2.2 million broadcasters monthly. Users can subscribe to partner channels to gain a number of features, including exclusive access t emotes, badges, subscriber-only chat, and more for the channels they follow. Moreover, subscribing is a way to support Twitch content creators.

It now accepts cryptocurrency payments via BitPay’s crypto processing system. IT accepts payments in bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ether, XRP, and in four stablecoins – GUSD, USDC, PAX, and BUSD. Bill Zielke, BitPay’s chief marketing officer, was quoted as saying:

We are seeing more online merchants interested in using crypto as a promotional payment form (…) Twitch is the first major merchant to jump on this trend.

It’s worth noting other gaming firms accept cryptocurrency payments. Microsoft, for example, allows users to top up their accounts with BTC, which can then be used on Microsoft’s Xbox stores. To pay using crypto on Twitch, with a 10% discount, all users have to do is get to the checkout and select “pay with BitPay.”

Featured image by Caspar Camille Rubin on Unsplash.