Decentralized finance (DeFi) platform bZx has announced a pair of proposals that would enable protocol users to participate in fee generation and liquidity farming.

According to an official blog post published June 29, the Ethereum-based lending and margin trading protocol bZx is considering two new updates to its governance token BZRX. 

The first proposal involves a fee-sharing mechanism utilizing one of two Balancer pools and a “feeSweep()” function. Clients can generate fees from assets that remain in the Balancer pool, thereby providing liquidity to pool users. 

In addition, the platform claimed staking on the new system would be simplified. 

The post reads, 

The user experience of claiming fees and staking $BZRX is as simple as can be with the introduction of our bZx Staking Portal. You can stake or unstake with a single click, and you can claim your rewards with a single click as well.

The second proposal involves a new protocol disbursement program that rewards bZx users with tokens. According to the post, 20% of the total token supply has been allocated to rewarding users of the protocol, with the allocation further split into reimbursing protocol fees or issuing payouts based upon the number of fees generated that week.

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