Popular cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has sent open-source bitcoin payments processor BTCPay a $150,000 grant in bitcoin. It’s the biggest donation the BTCPay Server Foundation received so far.

According to an announcement published by the firm, Kraken has integrated BTCPay Server into its Cryptowatch product, a premium trading terminal that provides real-time cryptocurrency data. Thanks to the integration, users can pay for it using BTC or other cryptocurrencies.

BTCPay Server revealed it was already expecting the integration from Kraken as its community kept on asking for it. Kraken’s Lead Bitcoin Strategist Pierre Rochard was quoted as saying:

Accepting bitcoin as payment may be a key feature of your product, your payment system of last resort, or just one of many checkout options. In any case, it’s likely that BTCPay is the most cost-effective solution for your needs and I’m excited to see Kraken contributing to this project’s continued success.

BTCPay revealed it will be using the grant to improve its user interface and to add a better workflow in the initial setup so it’s easier to create an account and configure a wallet when setting up. Another one of its goals is to give developers more flexibility, so they can help “anybody in building a Bitcoin business with ease and versatility on top of BTCPay Server.”

The open-source bitcoin payments processor also added it will be improving the number of plugins it supports and overhauling its existing ones. The release of its exchange integration plugin BTC Transmuter is also being worked on.

Featured image by Jonas Leupe on Unsplash