Gold bug and crypto critic Peter Schiff implied that bitcoin will never reach $25,000 while also saying no price point would cause him to “panic-buy.”

According to a tweet made June 26, Schiff believes the price of bitcoin will never reach $25,000. The gold pundit’s comments came in response to a poll published by asking community members to predict the price that would cause Schiff to “panic-buy” bitcoin. 

Schiff responded that no price could induce him to purchase bitcoin, and refuted the plausibility of BTC ever trading at or above $25,000. 

In a subsequent tweet, Schiff created his own poll poking fun at his crypto-supporting debate partner, Max Keiser. According to the poll, which generated more than twelve thousand votes, community members predicted Keiser would ride BTC’s price down to zero before selling off. 

Schiff also published a series of tweets highlighting the lack of impact on bitcoin’s price by institutional investor Grayscale. Schiff claimed that despite Grayscale buying “more than 100%” of all bitcoin since May’s halving event, the price for BTC has continued to fall, indicating a selloff by whale investors. 

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