Self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto, Dr. Craig Wright, reportedly already has access to the encrypted file that reportedly has the private keys to over 820,000 BTC, according to Ira Kleiman’s legal team.

Court document filed on May 21 shows that the Kleiman estate is alleging Wright has “the ability to open the encrypted file, but won’t because it will contain evidence of the partnership and its Bitocin holdings.” The estate of the late Dave Kleiman is suing Wright over BTC allegedly mined in a partnership between both.

According to Kleiman’s legal team, $1.6 million worth of bitcoin have been spent from addresses given to the court as proof Wright has access to the funds, along with his public threats to dump his holdings on the market to tank BTC’s price.

The documents read:

Wright’s refusal to open the encrypted file strongly suggests he knows that its contents will include partnership records, support the existence of a partnership between Wright and Dave Kleiman, and that the 820,200 bitcoin on the CSW Filed List (or other comparable amounts) belong to the partnership, as well as the blockchain related intellectual property created before Dave died.

The list of addresses being referred to contains 16,404 bitcoin addresses, and according to Kleiman’s legal team either is evidence Wright “submitted a fraudulent/incomplete list of his bitcoin” or that he “does have access to a list of his bitcoin and the private keys associated with them and is lying.”

It’s worth noting that last year the owner of one of the addresses in the list published a post on calling Craig Wright a “liar and a fraud” while publishing a signature on the blockchain proving he or she owned the address.

The court documents are being revealed shortly after 40 BTC were transferred from a bitcoin wallet that had been dormant since 2009, which some believe belongs to Satoshi Nakamoto.

Calvin Ayre, a supporter of Craig Wright, argued that Kleiman’s estate was behind the transaction as at the time they were also mining the flagship cryptocurrency.

Featured image by Aleksi Räisä on Unsplash