💥Online Terra Crypto 2020 conference💥

This is an international online conference that plans to bring together representatives of different countries from the CIS and Asia to improve the interactions between the countries. A key feature of the forum is its focus on the market, which allows you to collect a specialized audience that is interested in mining.

What awaits you on May 19:

📝 Two panel discussions to which experts from BITMAIN, ViaBTC, Canaan, BTC.com and independent experts, immigrants from large companies, who formed an expert name in the mining niche, were invited:

  - Mining in the CIS, Asia and North America: differences, pros, cons, potential

  - How to stay profitable after halving?

 🗣 Among the speakers will be:

Jason Zhuang - CEO of BTC.com;

Peter Tylczynski - SVP for Business Development Minebest;

Igor Runets - CEO BitRiver;

Johnny Yao - Vice President of Sales, Canaan;

Eddie Jiang - CMO ViaBTC & COO CoinEx;

Anton Dementor - CIO MskMiner.

Daniel Bedouci Fracasso - a miner from Paraguay with extensive experience in mining;

📱 The conference will be broadcast on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Bilibili.

🙋🏻‍♂️ Participation is free.

Details: https://terracrypto.icu/onlineconf

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