An anonymous hacker group has stolen the information for over 129 million Russian car owners and is attempting to sell the data in exchange for cryptocurrency.

According to local news outlet RBC, the stolen information includes the full names, addresses, passport numbers and other personal data belonging to more than 129 million Russian car owners.

Hackers posted the leaked data to a darknet marketplace in an attempt to sell the information in exchange for cryptocurrency. 

The report claims the information came from the General Administration for Traffic Saftey, a branch of Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs. 

While the leaked data posted to the darknet contains only anonymized information, the hackers claim to have access to car registrations, models and make, in addition to the owner’s personal information.

The full version of the database is being sold for 0.3 BTC (~$2850), with “exclusive use” of the data being shopped for 1.5 BTC ($14,250). 

News of the Internal Affairs breach follows on the heels of the high-profile Trident Crypto Fund hack. In March, the fund suffered a major privacy breach, with the usernames and passwords of at least 10,000 Russian investors stolen and published online. 

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