On Tuesday (May 26), Spencer Noon, an investor at crypto-focused investment firm DTC Capital, took to Twitter to explain why he believes that “we’re headed for a new $ETH bull market.”

  • Growth in Ethereum’s Number of Daily Active Addresses
  • Growing Demand for Gas
  • Ether Is Needed for Ethereum Network Security 
  • Growing Demand for Stablecoins (And Most Are Issued on Ethereum)
  • Increase in the Number of DeFi Users
  • Increase in Amount of USD Locked Up in DeFi Projects
  • Growth in Amount of USD Locked Up in ERC-20 Token WBTC
  • Increase in Popularity of Grayscale Investments’ Ethereum Trust (ETHE)
  • More Ethereum Is Leaving Centralized Exchanges Than Going to Centralized Exchanges Since ‘Black Thursday’
  • Increase in the Usage of the Ethereum Network


Featured Image by “WorldSpectrum” via Pixabay.com