Weiss Ratings, the world’s only financial rating agency providing grades on cryptocurrencies, has announced it’s hosting a free webinar for users on the next “major cryptocurrency bull run.”

According to page promoting the webinar, in it the Weiss Ratings team will be looking into why they believed a “major cryptocurrency bull run is just weeks away,” and why the imminent rally is “unique” and will be “greater than any other.”

The webinar will look into eight cryptocurrencies Weiss Ratings believes users should avoid, and into the cryptocurrencies that could be worthwhile investments, per the ratings agency. In the material Weiss Ratings’ founder, Dr. Martin Weiss, noted:

By building powerful computer systems that analyze each coin in four unique ways, we are able to identify which cryptocurrencies have real market potential vs. the over-hyped coins that are doomed to fail.

Per the materials the Weiss Ratings team built “a powerful new system that helps investors time their crypto trades,” by helping them look into what to buy or sell and when. Timing the market will also reportedly be covered in the free webinar.

Earlier this year, as CryptoGlobe reported, Weiss Ratings upgraded Bitcoin’s overall rating to an “A-,” which is considered excellent, after conducting a “comprehensive, balanced overview of all factors, based on a complex algorithm.” The price ahead of BTC’s halving and improving fundamentals also supported the upgrade.

The webinar is schedule for April 21 at 2 p.m. EST on a private website emailed to those who register. You can sign up here.