Former U.S. Representative and Presidential candidate Ron Paul blasted the Fed’s money-printing policies in response to the coronavirus pandemic. 

In a series of tweets, Paul denounced the Federal Reserve’s money-printing tactics which took the U.S. balance sheet over $6.6 trillion. 

The former U.S. Representative of Texas said the Fed’s “fake economy” had burst and claimed even a rally in the stock market would not be able to mask the “damage” already done. Paul also warned against politicians using the coronavirus, which he said has proven to be “less deadly than the seasonal flu,” as an excuse for the fiscally irresponsible behavior. 

Paul continued, calling the Fed’s policies “un-American” and claimed the central bank’s micromanagement of the economy had “failed.” He argued for a total rebuild of the U.S. economy and its governing body in the image of “American ideas of liberty” and sound money practices. 

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