Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki has continued to support bitcoin amid the U.S. Federal Reserve’s money printing plan to support the economy.

Kiyosaki, who has been critical of the federal government’s economic response to the coronavirus pandemic, took to Twitter to explain a finding in Congress’s most recent stimulus bill. 

In a tweet published April 13, Kiyosaki claims $425 billion of the US Congress’s unprecedented $2.2 trillion economic relief bill is earmarked for the central bank. Kiyosaki says the money will be used to bail out the Fed and claims the government is attempting to obscure their agenda from the general public. 

The personal finance author also advocated for investors to buy more bitcoin and precious metals in lights of the Fed’s tactics. 

Cryptocurrency hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger replied to Kiyosaki with a tongue-in-cheek tweet, pointing out how expensive it is for the Fed to continue printing trillions of dollar. 

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