Anonymous Bitcoin (BTC) analyst PlanB is sticking to his guns in predicting a new all-time-high (at least) within one-two years. Citing his Stock-to-Flow model of scarcity-to-price, the prediction is uttered in the shadow of the upcoming Bitcoin halving.

The Stock-to-Flow (S2F) model, explained fully here, essentially establishes a correlation between the time it takes to reproduce the entire supply of an asset and its value. Bitcoin’s current stock-to-flow rating is near that of silver; but after the next halving, it will bump to something more akin to gold.

The upshot of this is that, after the next halving, and assuming some consistency in mining cost, the time it takes to reproduce the existing amount of Bitcoin supply at current rate will be about 50 years – to gold’s 62 years.

As it stands, Bitcoin’s price is currently very calm, bouncing up and down within a roughly 11% range for almost all of April.

Very stable, in fact likely to move soonBTC chart by TradingView

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