SmartSession is a new app — powered by Ethereum — from Israeli blockchain startup 2key. This app makes it easy for anyone to get paid in crypto for video call services offered via the Zoom video conferencing platform.

2key is an online platform fully-owned and operated by 2key New Economics Ltd, a blockchain startup headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The 2key team, which has “members based in seven countries spread over three continents”, says that it is “committed to building technology that will bring about social change.”

One of 2key’s products is SmartSession, which is available as an app for Zoom Meetings from Zoom's “App MarketPlace”. Here is how the app is described there:

“Zoom SmartSessions allow instructors, therapists and any service provider to socially distribute and manage registration, payments, and access to their services offered via Zoom.

“Zoom SmartSessions, allows SMBs, service providers, teachers, instructors, therapists, and others to generate paid service sessions, and to incentivise their social networks to distribute the events searching for target attendees.

“The platform also helps with collecting payments for the session and distributing referral rewards for those helping reach the target audience.”

2key’s website says many types of businesses could benefit from a crypto paywall, e.g. sports instructors, music teachers, remote support consultants, lawyers, and online seminars/conferences.

SmartSession is fully automated: it integrates “with a smart contract that keeps sessions’ information and reserves access only to participants paid to access it.” The payment is “in crypto, directly, buyable with credit card.”

Currently, the only cryptoasset that can be used for payment is Ether (ETH), which can be bought via one of 17 fiat currencies from within the app. However, in the future, it will be possible to pay for tickets using other cryptoassets (e.g. Bitcoin).

2key says that “the funds you collect in ETH are stored straight on your Metamask, Ledger, or 2key crypto-wallet.”

Featured Image Courtesy of 2key