On Thursday (April 30), Binance Co-Founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao (aka “CZ”) celebrated his firm’s reported 24-hour trading volume reaching a new all-time high — $16 billion — by declaring that the crypto market is in “FOMO mode now.”

It all started yesterday, a day that saw the price of Bitcoin go from $7,760 at the start of the day (00:00 BST) to $8,784, as you can see from the BTC-USD price chart (provided by CryptoCompare) shown below:

BTC-USD 2 Week Chart on 30 Apr 2020.png

In the past 24 hours, CZ has made several interesting tweets.

First, around 15:13 UTC on April 29, CZ commented on how Bitcoin (BTC), Binance Coin (BNB), crude oil, and the Dow had performed since Black Thursday (March 12):

Second, around 19:34 UTC on April 29, CZ pointed out that Binance had for the first time managed to reach $11 billion in trading volume:

What maybe even more impressive is that Binance managed to handle all of this volume during a time of very high volatility without experiencing any major technical issues (unlike, say, Coinbase and Kraken), as even one of Binance’s harshest citics was forced to admit:

Then, at 04:09 UTC on April 30, CZ mentioned that his firm’s crypto derivatives platform Binance Future had also managed to set a new all-time high:

And finally, at 08:41 UTC on April 30, came CZ’s most bullish and cheerful tweet in the past 24-hour period, where he mentioned that Binance’s reported 24-hour spot trading volume had reached almost $16 billion:

At press time (10:10 UTC on April 30), this number has reached $17.2 billion:

Binance Trading Volume on 30 Apr 2020.png