Cryptocurrency payment service Bitrefill has announced a rebranding mocking fiat currency as apart of its April Fools joke.

Bitrefill, which allows users to spend crypto on products and services, poked fun at the traditional financial system and its propensity for printing new money.  According to a Medium post published April 1, the company played around an intention to rebrand its identity to Brrrrrefill and offer clients “fiat-style bailouts with gift cards.” 

The post says Brrrrefill is looking forward to “unlimited money and liquidity injections,” from the Fed, Bank of England and EU amidst central banks responding to the economic crisis of the coronavirus. The company’s new business model will embrace “accelerationist policies” by world leaders and provide stimulus to their end goal of global “hyperbitcoinization.”

CEO “Serrrgej” Kotliar commented, 

If the world’s central banks are firing up their printers into overdrive, we will do the same. Brrrrefill will be ready for this new economic paradigm by firing up our gift card and digital voucher printing presses to meet the demand of these endless injections of trillions in fiat stimulus.

Brrrrefill played it intended to pay all of its company’s expenses with credit cards moving forward and advocates for endless bailouts and stimulus. 

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