The cryptocurrency community behind Tezos has come together to offer an XTZ prize to help combat the Coronavirus. 

Tezos developer Johann Tanzer published a Medium post on Mar. 2 encouraging Tezos users to devote computing power towards Coronavirus research in exchange for a potential prize pool of XTZ. 

Tanzer was inspired by the efforts of [email protected] ([email protected]), an organization created by Stanford Labs which allows users to contribute their computing resources to calculate protein folding and contribute to scientific research. 

He wrote, 

In the last few days I have seen many people in the crypto community become very concerned about covid19, I thought that a good amount of them probably have gaming pcs or old mining rigs, so I encouraged people to start [email protected] with [a] tweet.

Tanzer published a tweet asking tezos users to create [email protected] accounts and provided an XTZ address for others to donate to the pool. According to the post, whichever team accumulates the most [email protected] credits by the end of the month will receive the pooled prize payment. 

As of writing, the pool has accumulated more than 340 XTZ ($930).

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