Hundreds of Thousands Affected in Trident Crypto Fund Hack--Report

Michael LaVere
  • Trident Crypto Fund suffered a database breach that led to client information being stolen.
  • More than 266,000 users were compromised by the hack, including email addresses and encryption passwords. 

Malta-based investment fund Trident Crypto Fund suffered a massive privacy breach at the end of last month which exposed the data of hundreds of thousands of users. 

According to a report by Russian outlet Izvestia, Trident has suffered a major database hack that affected more than 266,000 users. 

Ashot Oganesyan, chief technology officer for cybersecurity firm DeviceLock, told Izvestia that personal data for Trident clients have appeared on multiple file-sharing websites. The stolen database included user email addresses, cell phone numbers, encrypted passwords and IP addresses, along with details pertaining to the security vulnerability that led to hack. As of Mar. 3, the unknown hackers had decrypted and published more than 120,000 passwords. 

Izvestia reached out to users involved in the security breach, including one client who said Trident failed to warn him about the possible compromise of passwords entered into his personal account. 

The crypto investment fund has yet to make an official statement regarding the hack or compromise in user data. Trident has also not yet responded to requests for comment regarding the situation.

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