Cryptocurrency supporters have formed a community to raise funds for nonprofits dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. 

According to a tweet published by The Giving Block on Mar. 23, cryptocurrency supporters are coming together to raise funds in relief of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

Under the hashtag #cryptoCOVID19, the cryptocurrency community is forming an alliance of support to generate donations and provide assistance for nonprofits engaged in stopping the outbreak of the coronavirus. 

A post on BitcoinTuesday reads, 

We are uniting the cryptocurrency community to fight COVID-19, changing the way the world views crypto. It is time for us to band together as a community, bringing an end to the chaos and ushering in a new era for crypto.

The alliance is encouraging crypto supporters to reach out to potential sponsors for donations or to provide promotional support for the organization. The program is also asking users to make donations to nonprofits in cryptocurrency and generate social engagement. 

Open-source software platform Gitcoin has kicked off the campaign by announcing a $100,000 match for donations made in ETH and DAI. 

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