‘Cypherpunk’ witches are turning to bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a way to preserve and inspire interest in the rituals of witchcraft.

According to a story by CoinDesk, a number of self-proclaimed cypherpunk witches are using cryptocurrency as an alternative to mainstream platforms. Ethereum proponent and founder of the Future Witch Facebook group Claire Gallant was quoted as saying: 

I think witchcraft and crypto are deeply involved with each other.

Gallant is a part of a group raising funds for the crypto research startup Open Privacy. She referenced existing technology as a “little bit magic to us,” and said that crypto can enhance wtiches’ power by letting them transact through alternative channels to mainstream platforms. 

She said, 

Whether it’s ritual objects or access to birth control in various places around the world … that whole scale applies to crypto as it applies to cash.

She continued, 

If you don't have privacy and security, you don’t own yourself anymore. So cryptocurrency is important for that.

Following the temporary ban by Etsy and eBay on witch-related commerce, followers of witchcraft began looking for alternative outlets, which includes the use of cryptocurrency. Feminist author Sophia Digregorio has published a series of manifestos about “How Witches and Occultists Can Use Bitcoin and Altcoins for Privacy and Anti-Discrimination.”

Featured Image Credit: Photo via Pixabay.com