Crypto portfolio tracker app “CoinStats” has released version 3 of its mobile app for iOS and Android — and this major update makes an already great product even better.

Although for the purpose of this article we are using screenshots from the iOS version of the app, the Android version offers more or less the same feature set.

Here are some of the enhancements and new features in this exciting and important update that make CoinStats a “MUST HAVE” app on your phone if you are serious about crypto trading and/or following crypto news:

  • A beautiful user interface that is powerful but does not get in your way. This includes support for “Dark Mode” (and in the case of iOS, “Safari Reder View” for reading the news).

CoinStats V3 - Fig 1.png

  • Ability to buy crypto from within the app and pay for it with fiat via Apple Pay (in the case of iOS) or your debit card. Currently, this feature is only available for users based in the U.S. (the daily limit is $250). Currently, the list of cryptocurrencies you can buy consists of BTC, ETH, DAI and USDC. (Over time, other jurisdictions, additional cryptocurrencies, and higher daily limits will be supported.)

CoinStats V3 - Fig 2.png

  • You can trade (buy or sell) a particular cryptocurrency via one of the crypto exchanges (Poloniex, Kucoin, Kraken, HitBTC, Bittrex, or Binance) that you can connect to the app.  

CoinStats V3 - Fig 3.png

  • More advanced charting tools.

CoinStats V3 - Fig 4.png

  • Ability to “localize” the app using one of the thirteen languages currently supported.

Featured Image Courtesy of CoinStats