Hackers of the United Kingdom currency exchange site Travelex have demanded $6 million in bitcoin as a ransom to lift an attack on it. 

According to a report by the BBC, hackers launched an attack on the Travelex network on New Year’s eve and are holding the exchange ransom for $6 million in bitcoin. The exchange has been forced to take down its website across 30 countries and turn off all computer systems infected in the hack, with the report claiming that Travelex has resorted to using “pen and paper.”

The ransomware group, which goes by the name Sodinokibi/REvil, confirmed to the BBC that it was responsible for the hack. The group also claims to have gained access to the company’s network six months ago and to have downloaded 5GB worth of sensitive client data, including credit card and insurance information. 

The hackers said, 

In the case of payment, we will delete and will not use that [data]base and restore them the entire network. The deadline for doubling the payment is two days. Then another seven days and the sale of the entire base.

Featured Image Credit: Photo via Pixabay.com