Former NFL quarterback Joe Theismann says that bitcoin is no longer a main focus of the finance industry. 

Speaking just days ahead of the Super Bowl in a podcast interview with Bloomberg, Theismann claimed that bitcoin has been pushed out of the limelight of finance interest. 

He said, 

It’s sort of been pushed way on the back shelf…I’m not saying that there isn’t a possibility for it to rise again at some point, but I think that has run its course to a degree.

Theismann was critical of crypto’s ability to generate interest among mainstream audiences, saying, 

Until you can convince people to buy things with cryptocurrency, it’s going to be a challenge.

The former quarterback also referred to government regulation as a barrier for crypto, asking if the government would “want something other than the central bank controlling currencies?”

Theismann spoke on multiple topics, including investor sentiment towards the current stock market and the benefits of long-term diversification. He also claimed to have five asset managers providing him advice on financials and investing, who he competes with to produce returns.  

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