Elon Musk, the CEO of electric car maker Tesla and space exploration firm SpaceX, has published an odd tweet about the flagship cryptocurrency bitcoin that’s confusing the cryptocurrency community.

Musk, who’s known for still finding time to mess around on Twitter despite running multiple companies, tweet out that Bitcoin is not his safe word, leading to multiple replies from the crypto community – most of them playing along. Some point out it put bitcoin in front of his 30 million followers.

Notably, Musk has addressed cryptocurrencies numerous times in the past. In February 2019 the CEO of Tesla called bitcoin “quite brilliant” and noted Ethereum deserves “some merit” as well, after being asked whether he agreed with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey that “there is going to be one native cryptocurrency when it comes to the internet.” He added, however ,he wasn’t sure whether it would be a good use of Tesla’s resources to get involved in crypto.

Dorsey, who’s also the CEO of payments app Square, is a well-known bitcoin supporter who has in the past made it clear he supports the flagship cryptocurrency. Square’s crypto division has even hired legendary bitcoin developers to help BTC grow.

Musk himself appears to have addressed the crypto community more when messing around. In April of last year he addressed Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency that uses a Shiba Uni (a Japanese dog breed) as its mascot, saying it’s “pretty cool” and might be his favorite cryptocurrency.

His most recent cryptocurrency-related tweet comes at a time in which Tesla is seeing its share soar over a surprise third-quarter profit, and the successful delivery of 367,500 cars last year. Over the past 30 days Tesla’s shares went from $356 to $481, making it the highest-valued automaker of all time with a market cap of $95 billion.

Featured image by Jp Valery on Unsplash