Offline cold storage crypto wallet provider GK8 has offered a bounty of up to $250,000 for the first hacker that can successfully crack their product. 

According to the bounty, Israel-based GK8 touts their product as a “hack-proof digital vault,” and is willing to back up the claim with a quarter-million dollars. 

The bounty reads, 

GK8 Introduces the proven and validated first TRUE cold wallet for executing the entire digital asset management process without an Internet connection.

GK8 is offering the “biggest bounty prize of the year,” for the first person to hack their digital vault. The company is launching the contest on February 3, providing hackers with the BTC address to a cold storage vault containing $125,000 in BTC. Participants will have 24 hours to hack the wallet address, with the ultimate payout totaling $250,000 in bitcoin. 

The first successful hacker will be required to provide a “satisfactory explanation” as to how he or she was able to gain access to the wallet address before winning the prize. Participants must also pre-register for the event in order to collect the full prize earning. 

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