Mazer Gaming Feuds With TRON and WINk Over 720,000 TRX Sponsorship Deal

Michael LaVere
  • Professional gaming group Mazer Gaming has accused the Tron Foundation and WINk of failing to pay their sponsorship.
  • WINk issued a response, saying Mazer did not fulfill their contractual obligations. 

The professional gaming organization Mazer Gaming has accused the TRON Foundation and WINk of failing to pay contractual sponsorship obligations. 

According to an official Medium post , Mazer Gaming claims that the TRONFoundation and WINk have failed to fulfill their contractual obligations. 

In August, Mazer Gaming signed a one-year sponsorship contract with the TRON Foundation and WINk, which included placing the WINk logo on their jerseys and adding the organizations to social media posts. In return, Mazer Gaming was supposed to receive a payout of 60,000 TRX on the first of each month, totaling 720,000 TRX over the course of the sponsorship.

However, the Mazer posts claim the TRON Foundation stalled in making the September payout, even after the gaming group made official jerseys featuring the WINk and TRON logo. Despite multiple attempts at contact, which are recorded in a series of email and text screencaps, the Mazer Gaming organization has yet to receive their expected payouts, 

The post continues, 

What we are really disappointed about is that this is not a lot of money to them. It really isn’t. 60k TRX a month is a pittance compared to how much money they have and make daily.

WINk responded to Mazer Gaming with an open letter published to Medium on Dec. 25, claiming the gaming organization had not fulfilled their contractual obligations related to the jersey logos and that both parties had mutually agreed to end the sponsorship.

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Wikipedia Co-Founder Jimmy Wales Calls Crypto Integration 'Insane'

  • Jimmy Wales called integrating cryptocurrency onto Wikipedia "insane."
  • The co-founder has turned down multiple proposals to incentivize content contributors with digital assets. 

Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales said that it would be “insane” to integrate blockchain or cryptocurrency into the encyclopedia platform. 

Speaking at the CoinGeek Conference, Wales claimed that he has yet to see a single practical use-case for crypto that would convince him to integrate the technology into Wikipedia. Wales went on to say that adding bitcoin or blockchain to the world’s largest online encyclopedia could prove detrimental to its vision and damage how the platform currently operates. 

He said, 

This is a really bad idea. It's an idea that doesn't actually work. If you take something that is a bad idea and put it on the blockchain, that doesn't necessarily make it a good idea.

Wales made his comments opposite of Craig Wright, explaining that he has turned down several proposals for rewarding content contributors with digital currencies. The co-founder argued that Wikipedia benefits from volunteers and enthusiasts to curate content, as opposed to an incentivized structure that could be manipulated by companies. 

Creating a mechanism where you effectively authenticate that type of behavior ... isn't going to help with the quality of Wikipedia at all.

He concluded by saying that cryptocurrency could “seriously harm,” the platform, 

To say to them, you're going to have to pay or put money at risk in order to edit Wikipedia is completely insane.

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