Job Ad Hints Square Is Adding New Bitcoin Features to Its Cash App

Francisco Memoria

Square’s payments app Cash App is seemingly going to expand its bitcoin-related services, as a job ad hints it’s looking for a product manager for growing its adoption.

According to the job ad on LinkedIn, Square is looking for a project manager to help the Cash app grow in whichever ways he or she sees fit, and this may include new BTC-related featured lime one to auto-invest, or peer-to-peer “BTC gifting.“ The job’s description reads:

You will own the Crypto Investing product and be entirely responsible for growing its adoption in whatever ways you see fit, which could include tried and true growth tactics, new functionality (e.g. limit orders, auto-invest), or building entirely new features like BTC gifting (P2P).

Square’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, is a well-known bitcoin proponent, and Square has been entering and supporting the cryptocurrency space. The Cash App has been letting users buy and sell bitcoin since November 2017, and in the third quarter of this year sold a record $148 million worth of bitcoin, up 20% from the second quarter.

In an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session on Twitter, the project manager behind Square’s cryptocurrency arm, Steve Lee, revealed that the firm agrees with the self-sovereignty principles of bitcoin, and that it wants to make BTC “better for all.”

Earlier this month, Square Crypto funded a pseudonymous Bitcoin Lightning Network developer, ZmnSCPxj, who was until then a part-time contributor to the cryptocurrency’s layer-two scaling solution.

Featured image by Ben White on Unsplash