An Indian “Godman,” has created his own island nation off the coast of Ecuador and is planning to use crypto for the country’s currency in lieu of fiat. 

According to a report by The Guardian, Indian fugitive Nithyananda announced that he had founded the Republic of Kailaasa to serve as a sovereign state and the world’s “greatest and purest Hindu nation.” Nithyananda is currently facing allegations of rape and abduction following his self-anointed title as an Indian “godman.”

The guru previously built up a large spiritual following in India, before being forced on the run by Gujarat police over multiple allegations that he “abducted and confined children to collect donations for his ashram” and raped one of his disciples. 

While Nithyananda’s whereabouts are currently unknown, he announced Dec. 4 that he was establishing a sovereign nation for practicing Hindus. 

According to the report, 

The ‘cosmic country’ will reportedly be established on a private island off the coast of Ecuador, purchased by some of his wealthy devotees. Applications are open for those who want to apply for citizenship and a passport, which allows for ‘free entry in all 11 dimensions and 14 lokas [the 14 worlds of Hinduism] including Kailaasa’

The official website for Kailaasa claims that the country will operate on a Hindu Reserve Bank that will issue its own cryptocurrency. The site criticizes government fiat and the modern banking system for operating to “enrich themselves at the expense of ordinary people“ and being “based on violence.”

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