On Monday (December 23), Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitrue announced a little Christmas gift for the XRP community: 27 new XRP pairs.

Bitrue, which was founded in 2018, has quickly become a favorite with members of the XRP community because of the high degree of enthusiasm, support, and transparency shown by its management towards XRP. One interesting fact about Bitrue is that it supported XRP as a base currency on the day that its trading platform was launched (19 July 2018). 

According to Bitrue’s announcement, of the 27 new trading pairs, 14 are going live on December 25, with deposits/withdrawals for these 14 new cryptoassets becoming available on December 23. As for the remaining coins/tokens, deposits/withdrawals will be enabled on January 9, and trading go live on January 13.

Here is the full list of cryptoassets that are being paired with XRP:

Bitrrue - New XRP Pairs - Dec 2019.png

Featured Image Credit: Photo via Pixabay.com. Table Courtesy of Bitrue.