Coinbase’s mobile cryptocurrency wallet, Coinbase Wallet, is planning to remove support for its decentralized application (DApp) browsing feature to remain in compliance with Apple’s App Store policy.

According to a statement made by Coinbase, the company will have to remove the DApp browser feature “in order to comply with App Store policy.”

The statement reads,

In order to comply with App Store policy, we may soon be removing the DApp browser functionality. If you wish to continue using DApps, you can now access most popular DApps on the desktop with Coinbase Wallet by simply scanning a QR code via WalletLink.

Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, took to Reddit to explain the feature’s sudden removal. In a post made on Dec. 28, he said this is “really unfortunate to see. Apple seems to be eliminating usage of Dapps from the App Store.”

He continued,

If Apple customers want to be able to use Dapps, we may need to make this request know to Apple in some way. This is an important area of innovation in finance, and many developers and early adopters of this technology have millions of dollars worth of crypto tied up in these financial applications, which they will no longer be able to use on Apple mobile devices if this app store policy continues.

News of Coibnase pulling the plug on their DApp browser feature comes just days after Google suspended the popular Ethereum wallet client and DApp browser service MetaMask from its Android Store.

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