Andreas Antonopoulos, one of the most well-known ambassadors for bitcoin and the industry of crypto, says that the financial software company Intuit attempted to restrict his use of cryptocurrency. 

In a series of tweets published Dec. 4, Antonopoulos explained that Intuit had attempted to prevent him from accepting credit card payments due to his concomitant use of cryptocurrency. Intuit is best known for its tax prep software TurboTax and financial management software Quickbooks.

According to Antonopoulos, the software firm asked him to remove cryptocurrency from his official website in order to continue using the company’s accounting services. 

Antonopoulos blamed the imposed restrictions on the “banking cartel,” rather than putting a disgruntled employee at fault. 

While Antonopoulos says he was not outright banned from using Quickbooks, the company did disable his ability to accept credit card payments and invoices due to his participation in cryptocurrency.

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