Earlier this week, two masked men broke into a Canadian health food store and took CA$4,000 ($3,000) cash from the Bitcoin ATM that was inside the store.

Simply Delicious is located in Vernon (population: around 40,000), a city in the Okanagan region of the Southern Interior of the province of British Columbia in Western Canada.

According to a report by Amy Castor for ATM Marketplace, around 4am on Tuesday, November 19, the two masked robbers broke into the store, smashing the front windows in the process, and then headed straight to the Bitcoin ATM

Then, they had smashed the Bitcoin kiosk, a Genesis Coin Bitcoin ATM that had been installed in December 2018, and took around CA$4,000 ($3,000) cash from it, but “left CA$50,000 ($37,600) in a separate canister still inside the machine.”

Although the police arrived at the store within 15 minutes of the alarms going off, by then, the men had already fled from the scene of the crime.

Troy Roland, the owner of the store, said that he will no longer be keeping a Bitcoin ATM in his store.

Featured Image Credit: Photo via Pixabay.com