A German DJ, who goes by the name DJ Jörg Molt, has been exposed as a fake Satoshi Nakamoto on Twitter after claiming that he was the creator of bitcoin. 

Molt told audience members at last week’s World Crypto Con in Las Vegas that he was the original creator of bitcoin. Molt also pushed membership in his “Satoshi School,” which will reportedly teach clients about bitcoin and blockchain.

Given the audacity of the claim, in conjunction with what appears to be an obvious publicity stunt, the community of crypto was quick to call out Molt for his inaccuracies. Cryptocurrency users were quick to point out the real Satoshi will be able to prove who he is by sgining transactions associated with the first bitcoin blocks.

Andreas Antonopoulos said that Molt was using a photo of the two to promote his status in the industry by claiming they were friends.


Molt’s ex-wife also called him out for other alleged scams in a video that surfaced from a year ago. 

Sicne the outlandish claims, the German DJ’s Twitter account appears to have been compromised.

Featured Image Credit: Photo via Pixabay.com