Social trading platform eToro has hired Alec Baldwin to promote its new CopyTrader feature. 

According to a Twitter post, eToro is using the renowned actor in a marketing campaign designed to promote the use of CopyTrader. 

CopyTrader works by simplifying the investment process of crypto-assets, allowing users to directly copy the trades of other successful investors. The new feature has a reported 73 percent success rate based upon 124 million copied trades. 

Guy Hirsch, U.S. managing director of eToro, said, 

CopyTrader can help anyone to build their wealth in a simple and transparent way. Users who want to leverage the crypto asset class can now simply look for an investor with a proven track record and just hit copy to execute the same trades automatically

eToro is targeting crypto investors who are either too busy to study the markets or prefer to simplify the process of their trading. The advertisement featuring Alec Baldwin highlights the ability of investors to copy the trades of others automatically.

eToro is also promoting its partnership with crypto analytics platform The Tie. As reported earlier in the month, eToro has teamed up with The Tie to provide clients a regularly updated investment portfolio based upon market sentiment. 

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