Australian computer scientist Craig Wright is back on trial after failing to pay the settlement negotiated with the estate of his late partner Dave Kleiman. 

Wright, who claims to be the original creator of bitcoin, has attested that he cannot pay the reported 1.1 million BTC ($9.2 billion) owed to the Kleiman estate. According to a document filed in the Southern District of Florida Oct. 30, Wright has withdrawn from the original settlement which would require him to transfer half of his intellectual property in bitcoin, including BTC mined before 2014. 

Following the court’s decision in late August, Wright claimed to no longer have access to the bitcoin addresses due to Kleiman’s passing and an encryption scheme. 

Velvel Freedman, part of the Kleiman estate’s team of attorneys, said in the filing that Wright had misrepresented the amount of bitcoin he owned, 

These discussions began at Craig’s request and due to the fact that Craig represented he had the means to finance a settlement.

Trial motions in the ongoing case will once again proceed following Wright’s withdrawal from the original settlement. 

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