Top 4 Exciting Casinos Games You Can Only Play With Cryptocurrencies

Gambling is fun, and that’s part of the reason why every year people throughout the world poured billions into casinos – not because of expected returns. While some do expect to make money off of casinos, others are in it for the thrill.

Yet, fiat currency casinos often ruin it by ensuring their house edges are too high. It’s clear these businesses have to make money but in some casinos slot machines can have a house edge as high as 10%, meaning for every $100 the player puts in he can expect to take out $90 at the end of his session.

That’s an insane return on investment for players, forced by both the shortcomings of fiat currencies and by casinos looking to make as big a profit as possible off of its players. With cryptocurrency-based casinos there’s more competition and fewer fees and taxes, which means house edges are significantly lower.

In some cases, a game’s house edge is only of 0.5% or 1% - for every $100 a player puts in he can expect to take out $99.5 or $99. Paying $1 for a playing session doesn’t sound too expensive, especially if we take into account there’s a chance we do leave with more money than what we came in with.

The lower house edge means there are casino games one can only enjoy with cryptocurrencies, as fiat currency casinos often stay away from them. Here are a few we believe you should look into:

1 – Primedice’s Bitcoin dice with jackpots

By now every cryptocurrency gambler is familiar with bitcoin dice-type games, where hey essentially choose their winning chance and betting amount, according to their preference. Primedice, which has a gambling license in Curacao and was founded in 2013, offers the game with a little add-on: a jackpot.

The online cryptocurrency casino supports various other cryptocurrencies, but its Bitcoin jackpot is definitely something we need to point to, as it has gotten past the $1 million mark on several occasions. The house edge is of only 1%.

2 – Cryptoskull

Cryptoskull is an adapted minesweeper-type game that lets players try out their luck with either Bitcoin or Litecoin. Their goal is to cross a “minefield,” with prizes increasing along the way. If they choose to turn back at any point without losing, they can keep their reward.

While the game’s edge itself isn’t clear and the company behind Cryptoskull isn’t the most transparent firm, it does offer users a faucet to keep wagering and has verifying difficulties for players to adjust their strategy.

3 – Goals

Goals is a game pretty much like Cryptoskull offered at crypto betting site OneHash, but with a fun twist, where the players is trying to score a goal against a goalkeeper. If the player fails the animation will see the goalkeeper defend, adding to the fun.

In the easiest levels of these games there are three options, where two will give the player a payout and the third one will bust. At harder levels the chances of busting go up, but so do the payouts.

4 – Moon game

Evert cryptocurrency investors wants to see their price of their coins go up and go to the moon. With Moon game they can gamble on how high a little rocket will go – the more the players hodl the more they earn.

The rocket goes up for a specific amount of time each game but eventually crashes. In some cases players can triple their money in the game, and in others go bust in seconds. All in all, it’s a fun way to spend some time.


Keep in mind all of the games we’ve taken a look at are probably fair. This means it’s possible to verify the algorithm that’s behind the games, to ensure the service’s operator is running them in a fair way that’s consistent with the expectations of their users.

The games listed above are but a few examples of the large amount of fun cryptocurrency games one can enjoy at relatively low house edges – in contrast to the traditional games one plays at regular casinos with fiat currencies.

Bitcoin Casino Kings has compiled a detailed list of fun bitcoin and cryptocurrency games most players aren’t familiar with, but that are guaranteed to give them hours of fun.