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Although bitcoin surged 42% in one day on Oct 26th, analysts expressed their concern over a possible bear trend. However, cryptocurrency futures trading can still be profitable in downward market trends. While Safety, Liquidity & Execution Speed are of top importance, there are other factors that count.

BEX500, a rapid-expanding crypto exchange, proves its highlights including “Paper-trading”, “Automatic Coin Swap System” extremely helpful. which can make a difference between loss and profit.

Bitcoin proves its super volatility the other day, having dropped nearly 15% since September from $10,000, and even tested resistance level at $7700, suddenly made a bullish reversal, racing towards $11,000 in a few hours.

However, do not get too optimistic! it was primarily triggered by Chinese president Xi’s expressed support for blockchain technology and its benefits, urging the country to increase its investment in the sector. A “sensational” price jump should not be defined as a beginning of a bull market, given there is no proof of incremental money into bitcoin market.

Especially when the 24H trading volume at its peak failed to outrun that in Jun, 2019. Volume is an essencial feature which may indicate Bitcoin is hard to end the bear tendency.


Either bear trend or not, there will never be a dull moment in bitcoin market, and most crypto investors now start to focus on the Margin trading market instead of spot investment. Bex500 exchange is the world-leading margin trading platform in the cryptocurrency area. It provides over 40 professional margin trading products for investors.

Why BEX500 exchange can secure your profits in the Bear market? Here are the reasons

  1. Margin Trading is still profitable even in the bear market

Spot trading is simple and effective, but you will suffer during downtime. Ironically, most of traders  find that the bitcoin appreciates again once you are unbearable about the decline of the price and sell them all. Therefore, it hard to make a profit only with investment in spot bitcoin.

That is the reason we need bitcoin futures. In a downward trend, you can SHORT bitcoin, which means you bet on the bitcoin going down and earn the profit if it happens.

BEX500 offers 100x leverage for BTC perpetual futures and 50x for ETH futures. while using leverage, you can expose your investment to higher risk, as  “lever” up the trade with “borrowed” money, which means less margin, more profits.

For example, with 100x leverage on BEX500, not only you need just $80 to buy 1 BTC, but you can earn $80 if BTC rises by 1% from $8000 to 8080. With spot trading, you need to pay $8000 to get the same profits.

Although margin trading is controversial, , it is tempting and interesting!

  1. Paper-Trading, a beacon in the dark

Not many exchanges welcome their clients with simulated trading, which system takes time to develop but makes no contribution to commission (simulator is always free).

However, it is crucial to practice to comprehend the rules and futures trading skills.

BEX500 provides paper trading with the exact same interface, rules and trading mechanism as live trading. once you master the simulator, you can have a better chance in live trading.

Unlike many other exchanges, you can access both “Simulated” and “Live” trading through ONE account. Therefore, only one registration is needed.


While, many long-existing exchanges require 2 separate registrations for live and paper- trading


(Two separate accounts and addresses for live and paper trading)

BEX500 even has 24/7 client services answering questions about paper trading, which is way better than BitMex who only responses by email inquiry.

  1. Automatic Coin Swap System, hedge against BTC depreciation for free

BEX500 is the first crypto margin trading exchange to apply “automatic coin swap” mechanism (ACS), which is crucial to futures traders, who can now jump among crypto markets cheaply and efficiently.

You can deposit either Bitcoin or USDT, and trade BTC, ETH, LTC or XRP as you like, coins will be converted automatically when you trading, no slippage or cost.


“ACS” also offers a “safe house” to your bitcoin, in a bear market, you can select USDT account as your settlement currency in BEX500, then, your deposit of BTC will be converted to USDT the moment it was credited. An effective way to preserve the value of bitcoin in the downward trend.

BEX500 claims to be the first exchange to have pioneered swap services of this kind for free. When, traditionally, other derivative exchanges offer services with high conversion charges and slippage.

  1. High liquidity & Tight slippage

Complex trading with a simple interface is what every trader needs to win.

BEX500 was created by Anna M, the European professional trader based in Hong Kong. She tried to combine crucial elements traders need.

–High Liquidity & Tight Slippage

Liquidity is the last thing you need to worry about in BEX500. With its high trading volume and dozens of liquidity suppliers, transactions can be executed with no slippage and executed lightning fast.

–Simplified Interface to Catch the Perfect Timing to Place Orders


The trading interface is easy to comprehend as above. you only need to decide between – “Market” & “Limit”. Many other exchanges display all the order options, forcing you to think over beforehand – whether “stop-loss” or “take-profit” is needed? What trigger price you should set?


Timing could slip away in a heartbeat. Options are too complicated, the easier trading mechanism may stand in the way of trading execution.

With BEX500, you can input the order with no hesitation beforehand, and then, take the moment to decide whether you need to set “stop-loss” or “take-profit” afterward


Traders, now, can pinpoint the exact moment to place order you desire and then take your time in setting up trigger price.

In the coming Halloween, . BEX500 decides to offer special Halloween treats – Free bonus


Deposit BTC or USDT in your Bex500 Account, you may maximum earn a 100% BTC bonus. Real and withdrawable(

withdrawal need to fulfill the requirement of trading volume..

However, Bex500100% bonus, is still a tempting offer

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