Ethereum-Based Game Cheeze Wizards to Hold $100,000 Tournament

Michael LaVere
  • Dapper Labs, creators of CryptoKitties, have announced a tournament for their new game Cheeze Wizards. 
  • Users will compete for a grand prize of $100K or more depending upon the amount of ether spent.

Dapper Labs, the development team behind the hit ethereum game CryptoKitties, has released a new crypto-based game called Cheeze Wizards. 

To commemorate the launch, the team has announced a tournament beginning on Oct. 14 that will allow players to compete for a grand prize of $100,000. According to the press release, the tournament involves three phases with the winner being crowned as the “Big Cheeze.” 

In addition, the cash prize of $100,000 will scale with the amount of ether users spend on the game during the tournament. 

The release states,

Remember, a portion of every ether spent summoning Wizards will go towards the Big Cheeze prize. After the weeklong pre-sale in May, the Big Cheeze was at 600+ ETH (~US$100,000+). That number is only going to get bigger as Wizards are summoned and the tournament progresses.

Dapper Labs is also offering side quest rewards, in addition to the ultimate payout, with more than 120 ETH ($20K) in prizes revealed thus far. 

The initial phase of the tournament involved the presale held in May, which saw users paying ether to summon Cheeze Wizards for use in the game. Beginning on Oct. 14, the tournament will hold its official start, culminating in the final “Championship” phase after Nov. 4th that will continue until one player is crowned the winner. 

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