Crypto Tipping Platform TipJar Closing Shop Following Decline in Usage

  • Crypto tipping platform TipJar is shutting down in six months following low usage.
  • Users have until April 10, 2020 to withdraw their funds. 

Crypto tipping platform TipJar has announced that it will be closing its operation in six months due to low user volume. 

According to a post published to Reddit on Oct. 6, users have six months to withdraw their funds from the platform before it closes for good. TipJar developer u/doppio said that while he enjoyed operating the crypto-based tipping platform, community engagement had plummeted and the service was being primarily used by bots, making it no longer financially viable to support web hosting servers,

I'm posting to alert you all that the TipJar website will be shutdown in 6 months. I had a great time creating this service, and it was fantastic seeing all the engagement when it was being used actively, but lately there has been very little activity on the this point it doesn't make much sense for me to continue putting money into the service when it's going unused.

The TipJar developer is considering releasing the code as open-source but will need to do a rigorous analysis of the system’s security before making it public. 

According to the update, the TipJar bot, which allowed Reddit users to send crypto-based tips through the platform, is being shut down immediately. Users have until April 10, 2020, to withdraw their funds from TipJar before the accounts and crypto-assets no longer become accessible for transfer. 

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