Cryptocurrency custody startup Casa has announced the launch of a new, updated version of its flagship Bitcoin and lightning network full node device.

According to the company, the new node processes transactions faster than the last one as it has a 4 GB memory, while the previous one had 1 GB. It urns a “faster processor on the Raspberry Pi 4” and has 1 TB of SSD memory.

To go along with the Casa Node 2, the company is launching a new version of its NodeOS with a new design and a dark mode, which will be compatible with BTCPay Server.

The company’s announcement reads:

Our original Casa node did a GREAT job as a full Bitcoin and Lightning node in a reliable, easy-to-use device. But we wanted to do more, and knew we'd have to improve the hardware in order to do it. Under the hood, Casa Node 2 has a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B with 4 GB of RAM, along with a fast 1 TB SSD drive.

The price of a Gold Package with the node was raised to $399, while existing members will maintain a $300 price tag for their membership. Those who run a Casa node are able to earn satoshis on a weekly basis thanks to its Node Heartbeats service.

Casa has earlier this year also launched a mobile app focused on increasing bitcoin and lightning network node adoption. The app, Sats App, works as a noncustodial wallet with unique features, including a rewards program.

Featured imagevia Pixabay.