Coinbase announced on Thursday (October 3) that a new fee structure for Coinbase Pro, its platform for experienced/professional traders, would be in effect from 17:00 PT on 7 October 2019 (or 00:00 UTC on 8 October 2019).

Coinbase’s blog post says that the purpose of this new fee structure is “to increase the depth and liquidity” of its markets and that fee updates are a regular thing that occurs in response to “client needs.”

According to Coinbase, here is how this update will affect Coinbase Pro users: higher-volume customers, i.e. those whose trading volume exceeds $50,000 a month, will be paying lower trading feels or the same as before, whereas lower-volume customers will be paying slightly higher trading fees.

 Coinbase Pro - New Fees - Oct 2019.png

Coinbase points out that it will (as usual) calculate a user’s USD trading volume based on “trailing 30 day volume.” 

Overall, this change will probably be seen as good news for most of Coinbase Pro’s target audience since it is, after all, marketed as a platform for experienced and professional traders, which means that they are likely to have monthly transaction volumes higher than $50K.

Featured Image and Fee Table Courtesy of Coinbase