Users of the crypto content monetization platform Coil can now earn XRP in real-time for their creations. 

Coil Partnering with GateHub

According to a press release published on Oct. 1, GateHub has partnered with Coil to provide a new method for depositing funds on the platform. The partnership will allow content creators on Coil to monetize their work and get paid in real-time with XRP. GateHub is a platform built upon the XRP Ledger protocol which serves as a gateway for users to send, receive and trade cryptoassets. 

Content creators on Coil will have the option to convert their XRP into bitcoin, ether or fiat such as euros and dollars in addition to bank account withdrawals.

GateHub CEO Enej Pungercar said in the press release, 

Money streaming is here! With a bright future ahead for Web Monetization and a growing interest in the Interledger Protocol, we are writing a new chapter with Coil. This is the start of a great partnership. Together we will bring this technology to a broader audience.

Coil was founded in 2018 by Ripple’s former Chief Technology Officer Stefan Thomas with the goal of creating a better business model and source of monetization for the web. In August, it was announced that Ripple’s Xpring was providing the startup with a 1 billion XRP grant to further promote the use and utilization of XRP. 

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