BitPay Investigating Unauthorized Charges to a ‘Handful’ of Customers

Michael LaVere
  • Multiple customers are complaining of unauthorized charges to their BitPay accounts.
  • BitPay has confirmed receiving a "handful" of reports of fraudulent charges and is investigating the situation.

Bitcoin payment service provider BitPay is investigating a series of unauthorized charges following multiple reports from the community concerning a potential security breach. 

On Oct. 24, Twitter user MrKristof posted a warning message alleging that multiple BitPay customers had experienced fraudulent charges to their accounts originating in California. 

BitPay’s official Twitter account was quick to respond to the situation, replying that the payment processor had received a “handful” of similar reports over the past week and was investigating the situation. 

However, multiple members of the crypto community came forth to share their similar experience of fraudulent charges appearing on their BitPay account. 

Reddit user BitcoinBANG speculated that the impact was likely larger than a “handful” of customers, 

Yea this obviously isn't a "handful" of people. This happened twice to me on two separate cards. Once on 10/7/2019 and once again on 10/23/2019 with a 3 day old card that was sent to me because the first one was fraudulently used...The transactions are mainly from California but there are some from Houston, TX and Myrtle Beach, SC.


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