The US R&B music scene has seemingly spawned another bitcoin enthusiast after Grammy Award-winning music artist Akon aired his bullish views on the cryptocurrency in a radio broadcast on Monday.

In an interview that was filmed and broadcast on Twitter, the star – who scored a UK number one hit in 2005 with Lonely – said he believed that cryptocurrency was more stable than fiat currency: “ultimately because it is more controlled by the people”.

He added that, for governments, currency was the biggest business in the world, and downplayed the might of the dollar, saying it derived its strength merely through military muscle.

Nothing backs the dollar. The US doesn't have any natural resources that backs the dollar. What they do have to back it is the military.

R&B Loves Bitcoin

Akon is among a growing number of music artists that have fallen in love with the top cryptocurrency. Curtis Jackson – better known as 50 Cent – was widely reported to be rap’s first bitcoin millionaire, having allowed fans to buy his 2014 Animal Ambition album with the flagship cryptocurrency.

Although the bitcoin he earned from the album sales would have been worth around $8 million when the price of the cryptocurrency hit its peak in December 2017, it later transpired that he never physically owned any of the bitcoin as a third party had processed the payments and converted them into dollars for him.

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