Have It Your Way With Bitcoin: German Burger Kings Accepting BTC

Michael LaVere
  • Burger King Germany added bitcoin payments to their delivery website and mobile application. 
  • Unclear whether company will accept BTC at physical locations. 

Popular fast-food chain Burger King will allow customers to pay for their order in bitcoin in its Germany locations. 

German Burger Kings Accepting Bitcoin

According to the new development, German Burger Kings will accept BTC payments via its delivery website and mobile application.

Crypto community members first pointed out that Burger King’s official German website and mobile application had quietly added bitcoin as an accepted payment option. 

Bitcoin Germany Burger KingBurger King Germany accepting bitcoin on their delivery website.

However, it’s unclear whether the fast-food chain is planning to roll out the feature for its physical locations, which total over 600 stores across the country. Burger King could follow on the heels of Brazilian payment processor Cielo in integrating BTC payments for point-of-sale machines through the use of a QR code. 

Burger King has yet to comment on the most recent development, but this is not the first time the fast-food chain has been associated with bitcoin.

In 2017 the Russian version of Burger King announced that it would accept BTC for payments, and issued the somewhat tongue-in-cheek Whoppercoin virtual currency to commemorate the event. Bitcoin was also previously accepted by BK locations in Arnhem, the Netherlands. 

New Record $8.9 Billion Worth of Bitcoin Moved in One Hour

Francisco Memoria

A total of $8.9 billion worth of bitcoin, the flagship cryptocurrency, have been moved in a single hour earlier today, marking the highest hourly USD transaction volume in cryptocurrency history.

Despite the record-breaking transaction volume bitcoin’s price remains relatively stagnant, falling about 2% in the last 24-hour period to 7,300, after recovering from a low of $7,100 it saw yesterday. The low was hit shortly after a pump failed to maintain momentum to reach the $8,000.

According to Rafael Schultze-Kraft, cofounder of the on-chain market intelligence firm Glassnode, the record-breaking transaction volume turned out to not be something too exciting, as the moving BTC was associated to wallets belonging to cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex.

The transactions coincided with the exchange’s downtime, which means it could simply be moving around coins to improve its cold wallet security, or to improve its internal organization and coin management.

In total, Bittrex moved 1.18 million bitcoin, worth around $8.9 billion, over a series of 21 transactions. Each transaction moved around 56,000 bitcoin, or roughly $409 million worth of cryptocurrency. Each transaction had a fee close to $0.60, which means Bittrex moved nearly $9 billion and broke the record for the highest on-chain transaction volume in the cryptocurrency space for less than $12.5.

Overall, the transactions aren’t expected to affect bitcoin’s price, as internal movements aren’t associated with a large deposit or withdrawal – which means there shouldn’t be increased selling pressure or reduced supply because of them.

Featured image via Unsplash.