This article provides a quick overview of how the crypto markets have been doing—with the focus on Bitcoin (BTC), XRP, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Binance Coin (BNB), Bitcoin SV (BSV), Cardano (ADA), and TRON (TRX)—over the past 24-hour period.

To give you a rough idea of how things are going today, every one of the top 20 cryptoassets (by market cap) is currently in the red (against the dollar), but thankfully none are suffering from double-digit percentage losses.

All market data was taken around 06:40 UTC on September 30 from CryptoCompare, which also generated the price charts shown in this article.

Bitcoin (BTC)

BTC-USD 24 Hour on 30 Sep 2019.png

Over the weekend, the bitcoin price managed to spend most of the time above the $8,000 level, and this continued to the early hours of today; at 03:00 UTC, BTC was trading at $8,000. But then, the price started heading down, and by 06:00 UTC, it had reached $7,774. 

Here is macro economist and crypto trader Alex Krüger explaining the reason for the recent Bitcoin price crash:

As for how low the Bitcoin price could go, this is what crypto analyst and trader Josh Rager has to say:


XRP-USD 24 Hour on 30 Sep 2019.png

On September 27, Michael Zochowski, the Founder and CEO of blockchain startup Logos Network, which was founded two years ago, announced that his company had been acquired by Xpring, Ripple’s investment arm.

Zochowski says in a Medium blog post that the Logos team will become part of Xpring. As for what’s ahead for he and his team, Zochowski says that he expects that they “will work on a variety of projects at all levels of the Xpring platform, with a particular focus on enabling a wide range of DeFi applications.” Ethan Beard, a Senior VP at Ripple, told Coindesk that the Logos engineers will be helping to create XRP-based “derivatives, loans, futures and forwards.”

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

BCH-USD 24 Hour on 30 Sep 2019.png

During the past 7-day period, the Bitcoin Cash price has dropped almost 30% (from $306.12 to $214.97). 

Yesterday, Bitcoin Cash advocate Roger Ver, posted a tweet that showed him buying some groceries at a supermarket in Slovenia and paying for them using BCH:

Binance Coin (BNB)


BNB-USD 24 Hour on 30 Sep 2019.png

Although the BNB price managed to stay over $15 over the weekend, around 04:10 UTC on September 30, the price fell to $14.92, which is higher than intraday low ($14.48) on September 26, but still around the same level it was back on March 23.

Yesterday, Binance Co-Founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao (aka “CZ”), posted the following tweet to show trading volumes across various Binance platforms:

Bitcoin SV (BSV)

BSV-USD 24 Hour on 30 Sep 2019.png

During the past 7-day period, the Bitcoin SV price has dropped almost 32% (from $118.26 to $80.58). 

On September 24, the day the recent Bitcoin price crash started, the intraday low for BSV was $78. The last time the BSV price traded around this level was back on May 20.

Cardano (ADA)

ADA-USD 24 Hour on 30 Sep 2019.png

Although around 00:00 UTC on Saturday (September 29), the ADA price was trading just above $0.04, since then it has been on a downward trend. This is despite the fact that Cardano celebrated its second birthday on September 28 at a meetup at the Agricultural University in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, where IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson announced that New Balance was planniung to launch a pilot project that uses the Cardano blockchain to establish provenance. 

Hoskinson told Decrypt:

It provides a lot of things to New Balance that they’re really struggling with. Last year New Balance confiscated around 25 million pairs of fake shoes. Authentication is a very expensive proposition for a bunch of brands. What we can bring to the table is not only a very better way for them to accommodate this but also potentially create a marketplace.


TRX-USD 24 Hour on 30 Sep 2019.png

On September 25, the mainnet for SUN Network, TRON’s sidechain solution, was officially released:


Unfortunately for TRON, this news came during one of the worst weeks in crypto history, and so TRX is trading lower today than before the announcement.

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