Bobby Lee, co-founder and former CEO of one of China’s first cryptocurrency exchanges Bitcoin China (BTCC), has shed light on his next venture: a hardware wallet called Ballet. 

Hardware Wallet for Everyone

According to the announcement made at CoinDesk’s Invest: Asia event held in Singapore on Sept. 12, Lee is launching a crypto hardware wallet designed for the general public.

The project, titled Ballet, plans to differentiate itself from the existing market by prioritizing simplicity and a user-friendly product. In particular, Ballet will generate public addresses and private keys for users in an advance. 

Lee explained that bypassing the initial complexity of generating keys allows for crypto newcomers to engage with the wallet out of the box. 

He said, 

We wanted to create a wallet that is simple and elegant. And that is what we’ve done.

Lee told audience members that he has been hard at work on the project for the last nine months,

I’ve been working on this hard since January of this year. We’ve gone through six iterations of this hardware wallet design.

Ballet, running under the tagline “A Wallet for Everyone!,” will utilize a metal card to deliver the wallet address and encryption key to users. 

The card contains a printed QR code, an encryption code and another concealed identifier that must be scratched off for users to activate the wallet. Using the iOS and Android App, which launched on Sept. 12, users can scan the QR code and enter the two encryption keys in order to gain access to their private key and wallet, which has all been pre-generated. 

The application currently supports bitcoin, litecoin, XRP, ether and several ERC-20 based tokens.

Featured Image Credit: Photo via Pixabay