The ‘”real” Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of bitcoin, is supposed to reveal himself at 4pm EST later today, at least according to an update by a blockchain company. 

“Real” Satoshi Reveal

Satoshi Nakamoto Renaissance Holdings, the company in question, has promised that the real Satoshi will come forth after remaining bitcoin’s anonymous creator for more than a decade. The reveal is set to take place this Sunday. 

According to news outlet CCN, a spokesperson for the “real” Nakamoto has guaranteed that this is “absolutely not” a PR stunt, and that the individual in question is bitcoin’s legitimate creator. In addition, the holding company is claiming that Satoshi possess 980,000 BTC, worth $10 billion at today’s price. 

The reveal is set to take place in three stages, with August 18 being centered around unraveling the mystery identity of bitcoin’s creator.

Nakamoto intends to supply his real name and the reasoning behind holding nearly a million BTC for close to a decade. He will also reportedly give his country of origin, professional background and intention for bitcoin’s future–what is being referred to as a renaissance for the currency. 

The second stage of the reveal will come the following day on Aug. 19 at 4pm EST, with the finale set to take place on Aug. 20. The real Satoshi is claiming to unveil a project called Tabula Rasa on Tuesday, which will be a “clean-slate vision for Bitcoin’s transformational rebirth.”

Details on the reveal will be updated on the official website given by the ‘real’ Satoshi.