A New Zealand TV host has set the record straight about fraudulent Facebook ads that have been using his name and likeness to promote cryptocurrency. 

Duncan Garner, host of the New Zealand program The AM Show, insisted that “it’s not me” attempting to pump bitcoin and crypto through ads on the popular social media platform. On Aug. 26, he complained that fake Facebook ads have been appearing online promoting bitcoin and expensive cars while using his name as apart of the advertisement. 

According to Garner, 

“It's not me. They're not my cars, I don't do Bitcoin – I don't do any of that 'coin'. I haven't been on Facebook for a couple of years.”

Despite Facebook’s attempt to break into the digital currency industry with the development of libra, the company has exhibited a spotty history on security and user privacy. However, the ability to tarnish the reputation of others has been equally concerning. Users are able to create fake accounts or create fraudulent ad campaigns, which has led to situations similar to Garner’s involving cryptocurrency. 

Last week, it was revealed that a group of U.S. lawmakers was traveling to Switzerland to speak directly with the company responsible for libra’s data and user protection, and the U.S. lawmaker heading the group this weekend noted she’s still concerned about the social media giant’s move. Facebook will still have to surmount a number of regulatory hurdles in order to bring its digital currency to market.