Grin ASIC Miners Set for Launch Later in August

Neil Dennis

Cryptocurrency mining equipment manufacturers Vidtoo, Innosilicon and Obelisk were slated to be launching a new range of ASIC miners for the Grin cryptocurrency this summer.

Indeed, Innosilicon is sticking to its schedule for an August release for its G32 Grin miner, while Obelisk is looking to launch in October. The last we heard of the Vidtoo release was back in April, when the company said it would be ready to launch in July - but no sign of it yet.

Grin is an open-source software project that boasts robust privacy features and scalability. The cryptocurrency was designed for use in payment systems, but as yet the main method for mining has been lower frequency GPU mining. 

ASIC Miners

Application-specific integrated circuit miners - ASIC miners - are customized mining rigs for a particular use, and the most powerful bitcoin ASIC miners such as Bitmain's latest Antminer are capable of operating at around 14 terahashes per second for a cost of around $2,100.

Innosilicon is targeting a performance rate of around 21 gigahashes per second (Gh/s) for its 140 Watt Grin mining model - expected to retail at nearly $800. Its 100Gh/s model is set to retail at nearly $3,000 while the 328Gh/s is closer to $10,000.

Obelisk, meanhwile, also has three models for launch: a 70Gh/s model at $2,000; a 420Gh/s model priced at $10,000; and an 840Gh/s model priced at $20,000.